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Big, shiny white things

Notebook: 6 January 2015 Love this picture by Alex P of the Rolls Royce Wraith in front of the Silver Whisper cruise ship moored at Southampton docks. It was one of the last jobs I commissioned in my role as creative director at Archant Dialogue back in November. You can see more of Alex’s car photography in my Working with others pages on this site.

Hakan Ludwigson

Notebook: 19 October 2014 Flicking through Condé Nast Traveller mag recently, I noticed some pictures by Hakan Ludwigson. That was a name from the past – I remembered commissioning Hakan to shoot the Saab 9-5 way back in 2000 for a Saab magazine feature. We took the car to the remote  and mysterious island of Mando off Denmark’s west coast where there is a real blur between land, sea and sky. Hakan produced a super set of photos which were used in Saab magazine and the layouts are shown here.