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Arunas Kacinskas

Notebook: 19 April 2015

I see that the illustrator Arunas Kacinskas has some very nice illustration in the May 2015 issue of Wired magazine (pictured above). He was asked to create a cityscape for an article on smart cities. I love a good infographic. When I was working at Archant Dialogue we were asked to design the Archant website and part of the brief was to show a graphic that would represent Archant in a fun way. We called upon Arunas Kacinskas and he produced a stylised representation of Archant  – workers in offices, newspaper delivery vans, a TV studio and so on. We then applied some simple animation to bring the drawing to life in a light-hearted way. You can view the illustration here: The pesky programmer built in an ‘easter egg’ – a hidden joke. If you click on one of the office windows when it lights up at night time, an alien spaceship comes down and abducts one of the Archant employees! Click the window again and an alien returns in place of the employee. Jolly japes! (Only works on a computer and not on a tablet or phone)