Musical interlude, Notebook

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Notebook: 15 October 2014

Has anyone read John Lydon’s latest autobiography, ‘Anger is an Energy’? It sounds like a good ‘un if today’s review in the Guardian is anything to go by. Must put it on my Christmas list. Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) was of course lead singer with the Sex Pistols who I managed to see in November 1976 when I was a 20 year old student at Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry. They were supported by the other great punk band from the 70s, The Clash, which gives me an excuse to show this picture of my hero Joe Strummer who sadly died prematurely in 2002. The photo, by Rick Mann, shows Joe in 1978 in Camden Town. My three best Clash tracks? The greatest punk rock song ever, Complete Control, 1977; reggae influenced White Man in Hammersmith Palais, 1978; and the haunting Straight to Hell, 1982.