Musical interlude, Notebook

Musical interlude 2

Notebook: 26 October 2014

Some of my teenage memories from the early 1970s are of grey, damp skies, cold, wet feet, violence at football matches, strikes and four-day weeks, phlegm, spittle and glamrock. Yuk. It wasn’t until the long, hot summer of 1976 that the sun came out. One ray of light (for me) in the early 70s was the underground ‘Northern Soul’ scene and this is celebrated in the new low budget film Northern Soul – about two lads growing up in Lancashire whose horizons open up when they discover rare black American soul music. The film is full of great tracks. Three favourites that I used to dance to were Dobie Gray’s classic Out on the Floor, Barbara Mills’s searing, soaring Queen of Fools and the popular Stop her on Sight (SOS) by Edwin Starr. Still love the music but glad to leave the three-button, high waisted baggy trousers well in the past.