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Oh for long summer days

Notebook: 8 January 2015

Thank goodness the days are slowly getting longer. Here’s a short piece of writing by author Brian Earl (with an illustration by my niece Bridie Cheeseman to remind us of those long summer days. It’s called ‘Horn Park in High Summer’

So still – the drowsy air deflects the grass to rest upon the surface of the glass. The creatures of this world sleep in the glade and dare not venture from their silent shade.

Lie back. An insect hovers out to laze amongst the fragrant flowers in the haze. Its wings caress the morning like a sigh and sing a soft and gentle lullaby.

Relax. There is no need to turn your face from all the captured beauty of this place. Just stay awhile and let the warmth seep in through every willing channel of your skin.

And live, attuned to nature’s gentle beat, and feel the peace which shimmers in the heat. Lay down your burden. Let your care be gone. Be still, quite still, so still, and slumber on.

Mmm, I feel better for that. Horn Park is in Beaminster – a delightful small town hidden in the west Dorset hills and Brian Earl is curator of the local museum. The poem and illustration are taken from a book called The Pulse which is ‘a journey in word panels through Beaminster past and present’ and is available from the museum.