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Yum, yum

Notebook: 28 January 2015

There are some great looking food mags around at the moment and two of my favourites are Crumbs, a monthly local foodie mag for Bath, Bristol and the Cotswolds and The Gourmand – an award winning, bi-annual food and culture journal. Both are finely crafted but look very different. Crumbs is lively, fresh and modern with bold covers that may look as though they’ve been thrown together but in fact are very carefully constructed with clever typography. And they’ve got a great website.

The Gourmand has a curious retro feel with simple layouts and intriguing photography. The old fashioned fonts: the serif Cheltenham with its longer ascenders and short x-height, and the sans Grotesque with its clumsy characters, all add to the sense of intrigue. Yum, yum!


Crumbs is designed by Trevor Gilham. The Gourmand is designed by David Lane.