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‘Libération’ redesign

Notebook: 15 June 2015

Wandering the streets of Paris in the early 1980s, I remember passing a news vendor’s stand and a copy of Libération, the left leaning tabloid newspaper jumped out at me with it’s strong visual identity. I bought a copy and enjoyed looking at the bold and well crafted design on the train back to Calais although I couldn’t make much sense of it even with my ‘O’ level French. Now I see on magCulture that it’s just had a redesign and from what I can make out it still looks as good as it ever did. The designers have commissioned Production Type, a Paris based digital typeface foundry to design a set of rather tasty new sans fonts across a complete range of weights and widths with a big ‘x’ height and very short descenders and ascenders. The condensed version has a feel of the 1960’s font Compacta about it and the expanded version has a definite ‘French’ character to it. Take a look at the new design in the magCulture article here.

UPDATE 26 August: The Society for News Design (SND) have recently published an interview with Libération’s designer, Javier Errea, on the redesign. You can read it here and see some more layouts.