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The Escapist

Notebook: 19 August 2015

Browsing through WHSmith at Norwich station I spotted The Escapist magazine. The Escapist is from the Monocle stable and is their annual travel magazine – ‘A journal of places less explored’ as it says on the bright yellow cover. It follows the same design as Monocle – elegant, sophisticated and tightly structured (maybe too one-paced?) with splashes of colourful illustration – but it’s a couple of cm shorter on both sides. This makes it great to handle – it’s a real lump of a mag – the Yorkie bar of travel publications. It’s not cheap at a tenner but I guess it is stuffed full of goodies. You can read a good review of it here on and for any type geeks like myself, here’s an article about Monocle‘s fonts from It’s good to see Plantin Bold Condensed in use again – many of us old designers will remember its popularity as a font in the 70s and 80s for press ads and newspaper headlines.


Above: The Forecast, Monocle’s other annual publication with ‘key insights into the year ahead’.