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Ceylon Tea Centre tea type tags

Notebook: 21 September 2015

Anybody remember the Ceylon Tea Centres? They were a chain of self-serve restaurants in the 1960s. I remember going to the one in Exeter in October 1966 as a ten-year-old and possibly to the Regent Street branch around the same time on a family day trip to swinging London. Not only did they serve a delicious cuppa, they also seemed to specialise in salads and cakes. The interiors were 60s modern with lots of space and large windows and the atmosphere was very calm and relaxed. Their graphics must have appealed to me because I saved these three tea type tags which must have come which each pot of tea. I still like the bold colours and simple, modern design. The restaurants must have run their course and closed in the early 1970s. Anyone got any pics of the interiors?