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At the light-box

Notebook: 23 September 2015 | PICTURE EDITING

A little bit of history: Rebecca Shannon (picture researcher), Nicky Wright (senior designer) and myself (tea maker) pictured at the studio light-box back in about 1999 at Summerhouse Publishing in Norwich. We had a huge light-box upon which we would spread bundles of transparencies from photographers or picture libraries, to slowly work our way through and edit down to the chosen picture. Looking back, it was a time consuming process and I think that fairly soon after this with the advent of digital photography, the light-box began to gather dust and we eventually shipped it out. Nowadays it takes only a few minutes to find a picture from a picture library’s website but in the past I remember first having to rifle through a picture library’s catalogue, then you had to order in a batch of transparencies which wouldn’t arrive until the next day (unless you had them biked over – do they still have motorbike couriers?) and then you had to faff about scanning the picture before you could even get it on to your layout. Some things have changed for the best although I do miss the warmth of that big old light-box.