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Hearty illustration

Notebook: 18 November 2015 | ILLUSTRATION | BOOK REVIEW

One of the best illustration agencies is Heart. They were formed over 10 years ago out of a studio collective of artists and illustrators and they are managed and run by practicing artists. They have some fantastic illustrators on their books and they are one of the first agencies that I like to turn to when I’m commissioning bespoke illustration. Two of their artists – Adam Simpson and Aude Van Ryn have recently produced charming illustrations for the This is… series of art books by the publisher Laurence King. Simpson worked on This is Kandinsky (sample spread shown below) and Van Ryn on This is Monet (shown above) and their illustrations help bring these artists’s lives and paintings to life in an innovative and very engaging manner. They are beautiful books with chunky hard back covers and the artwork is printed on a tasteful and sweet smelling, matt stock. (They’d make great Christmas presents for any one interested in art and you can see the full range in the Laurence King series here).

This is Kandinsky

I’ve worked with both Aude Van Ryn and Adam Simpson in the past and Adam produced a wonderful illustration for me for the cover of an annual report for the national media company Archant. We had to encapsulate the diversity of the Archant business in one illustration and so chose a tree to represent the communities that Archant serves. The cover is shown below.


Recent published illustration by other Heart artists includes this cover for The Believer magazine by Michael Kirkham and a German edition of Marion Deuchars Fingerprint Art book for children (which I notice is also published by Laurence King!).