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Notebook: 21 January 2016 | ILLUSTRATION | BOOK REVIEW

The publisher Laurence King produce some very nice books on art and design and some great children’s publications including their Stickyscapes series – more on those in a moment. First, does anybody remember Waddingtons’ Panoramas? They were popular with children in the late 60s/early 70s, cost 6/11 in old money (about 35p) and consisted of a long sheet of card that was printed on one side with a beautifully drawn panorama that might have been a Wild West landscape or an underwater scene or some other environment. They came with sheets of Letraset pictures – cowboys, fish or whatever – that the user would then rub down on to the panoramic background in their chosen place, to slowly build up their completed picture. They were designed by a company called Patrick Tilley Associates. I loved Panoramas and I can remember spending my pocket money on the five that were in the original series and that are shown below. You can read more about them here. (In the early 60s Patrick Tilley had also designed the charming Busy Bee instant Picture Packs in conjunction with Letraset.)


K48_Lunar_Base_7_FC_h176 K49_Jungle_3_FC_h176  Panorama_Ocean_Deep_FC_h176 Panorama_Wild_West_FC_h176 PIRATE_FC_MikeCosfordScan_h176

Now, fast forward 45 years to Laurence King’s Stickyscapes. They’re a similar concept to Panoramas but they have peel-off stickers, rather than transfers, and their background images are beautifully crafted illustrations of the cities – London, New York and Paris. The London Stickyscape has drawings by Robert Hanson and there are two panoramas of the city, present-day London on one side and a fictional/historical cityscape on the other side. Stickers include buses, black cabs, the Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles (to be placed on the Abbey Road zebra crossing) , pigeons and even an urban fox! Great fun for children (and adults…). New York, published this month, is their latest edition to the series and possibly their best one yet with quirky illustrations by Tom Froese.

stickyscapes_london_panorama_1_1 stickyscapes_london_panorama_2_1

Above: Stickyscape London front and back. Below: Stickyscape New York


I was going to give the London one to my great nephew but I might just have to hang on to it for myself…