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Illustrator Melvyn Evans

Notebook: 15 January 2017 | ILLUSTRATION

One of my favourite illustrator/artists is Melvyn Evans. He works with a variety of media, from traditional linocuts through to digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator, to produce a range of beautiful artwork much of which is inspired by the British landscape. What all Melvyn’s work has in common is his exquisite use of colour – sometimes solemn grey/brown tones such as the linocut Le Morte d’Arthur (based on tales of King Arthur, exhibited at RA summer show in 2014 and shown below), or brighter jewel-like colours that glow warmly against their earthy coloured neighbours as in The Wisdom for Hen Keepers (top) or Melvyn’s London scene (below).

Some time ago I commissioned Melvyn to produce a map for a travel feature on Western Sweden for Saab magazine. His charming style, with echoes of 1950s children’s book illustration, reflected the mood of the article. (below)

And more recently Melvyn produced an illustration for me – contrasting clickbait content with long form content – for a brochure for the content marketing agency Orwell. (Orwell [of whom I am a partner] provide influential content for intelligent organisations such as white papers, research documents, high-level speech writing, client magazines and other types of corporate publication. You can read more about Orwell here).

Melvyn Evans trained originally as a marine engineer but then went on to study at Exeter College of Art, Goldsmiths and then the RCA. His latest project has been to produce book cover illustrations for A Sussex Alphabet and A South Downs Alphabet by Eleanor Farjeon. Many of Melvyn’s wonderful lino prints are available for sale and you can contact him via his website.