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Liking US: University of Sussex branding

Notebook: 10 July 2017 | BRANDING

I like this cluster of publications produced by the University of Sussex (US) and picked up by myself and youngest son Harry on a recent University open day visit. There’s a strong and consistent identity across all the literature, and across the website, social media and signage on the campus. The branding was carried out by designer Dan Cottrell for Pentagram in 2015 and the Pentagram guidelines are now closely followed by a roster of approved independent designers that the University calls upon. There’s a bright, breezy and confident palette of colours that contrast well with the more academic and authoritative choice of typefaces – good old Baskerville (UOS Baskerville Titling – a bespoke version for the Uni’) and Franklin Gothic in assorted weights. Type is centred to echo the original 1962 prospectus when Sussex Uni’ first opened.

I particularly like the large format 12 Stories of Sussex publication – a collection of short interviews, quotes and photos from current and former students and members of staff – and three spreads are shown below. Photos are by Stuart Robinson and Andy Hall.

This year, all universities will be having to try just that bit harder to attract students following the drop in the intake of overseas students due to the fall-out from Brexit, and so having a good, strong university identity that prospective students can relate to – fun, happy place to be, great institution of learning and so on – is an essential part of a uni’s armoury.

The University of Sussex brand guidelines can be viewed here