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Notebook: 13 December 2018 | ILLUSTRATION

We are creatures of habit. Our routines give our lives order and help keep us sane in this mad world. My mother Nesta always had coffee at 11 and dinner on the table by 1pm and everyday she would make dad a bowl of Bird’s custard to have with his pudding. Mum made her custard with a large spoonful of syrup: this was a hangover from the war when sugar was rationed – but it made the best custard ever and dad and myself would fight over who could scrape out the bowl.

In about 2009 my niece, and Nesta’s granddaughter, Bridie Cheeseman, captured Nesta preparing her dinner, in a series of delicate paintings as part of a school art project. They are reproduced below.

Bridie now works as an illustrator and you can see more of her work at and on my blog.

In memory of my mother Nesta. 19.12.1923 – 13.12.2014