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One for the coffee table

Notebook: 13 January 2017 | BOOK DESIGN I’ve just received my printed copy of a book I designed for Fairline Yachts for the London Boat Show. It’s a hefty 200-page publication which celebrates 50 years of Fairline and it’s stuffed full of sumptuous photos of Fairline’s luxury vessels. The company began life as a small boat builder in Northamptonshire in 1967 and they now export their beautifully designed and engineered boats worldwide. The book was put together in just one month from start to finish and I worked with the writer and editor Jonathan Arnold. Some of the layouts are shown below.

Monocle 24 on magazine (and book) cover design

Notebook: 3 September 2016 | MAGAZINES | BOOK DESIGN Monocle 24 is a live, 24-hour radio show broadcast from Marylebone, London and part of the Monocle media brand. In late August 2016 they broadcast an excellent 30 minute show entitled ‘How do you design a front cover?’ featuring presenter Robert Bound, Monocle‘s creative director Richard Spencer Powell and design journalist Adrian Shaughnessy. They discussed the art of making an eye-catching front cover – both for magazines and books, and they covered off topics such as: print v digital, cover imagery, use of colour, cover lines, an element of ‘surprise’, knowing your audience and originality. It’s a fascinating 30 minutes and you can listen to it here. The Monocle brand includes Monocle (the monthly global affairs and lifestyle magazine), a website, Monocle 24 (radio station), The Escapist (Travel mag) and The Forecast (annual magazine previewing the year ahead) as well as a couple of cafés in London and Tokyo. You can read my review of last year’s The Escapist magazine here.

Over the hills and far away

Notebook: 1 January 2016 | BOOK DESIGN | POETRY As a child I dreamt of being an architect but I was never good enough at maths and physics and so instead I drifted off to art college with the vague idea that I’d be an artist or designer. I took up a one year Foundation course at Winchester School of Art. Most of the tutors were from a fine art background and consequently graphic design or ‘Commercial Art’ was frowned upon and discouraged in favour of the fine arts. Luckily I had one tutor, a quiet and unassuming chap called Steve Wheatley, who opened my eyes to the world of graphics. I’d been aware of graphic design – I’d had it bubbling away in my blood – but he was the first person who’d put a name to it for me and he made me realise that people did graphic design for a living and that this was what I really wanted to do. Steve was actually an artist/poet rather than a designer and he published his own ‘illustrated’ art books one of which …

Hearty illustration

Notebook: 18 November 2015 | ILLUSTRATION | BOOK REVIEW One of the best illustration agencies is Heart. They were formed over 10 years ago out of a studio collective of artists and illustrators and they are managed and run by practicing artists. They have some fantastic illustrators on their books and they are one of the first agencies that I like to turn to when I’m commissioning bespoke illustration. Two of their artists – Adam Simpson and Aude Van Ryn have recently produced charming illustrations for the This is… series of art books by the publisher Laurence King. Simpson worked on This is Kandinsky (sample spread shown below) and Van Ryn on This is Monet (shown above) and their illustrations help bring these artists’s lives and paintings to life in an innovative and very engaging manner. They are beautiful books with chunky hard back covers and the artwork is printed on a tasteful and sweet smelling, matt stock. (They’d make great Christmas presents for any one interested in art and you can see the full range in the Laurence King …